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Welcome to the Taming Bigfoot™ Carbon Footprint Calculator

Track Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Knowing how much greenhouse gas results from each of your everyday actions is the first step to reducing your contribution to climate change and working more effectively toward a sustainable future. This web site, and the linked mobile app (search “Taming Bigfoot” on your device’s app store), provide an easy interface with a carbon-footprint calculator designed to convert a number of common things you do to the amount of greenhouse gas they cause. The conversion factors used can be specified for specific local regions so the results apply to that specific region, rather than a broad average, as much as possible. By inputting how much, and what type of energy you use, how much you drive or share transportation with others, and selective information on your food and shopping behaviors, you will discover your “carbon footprint”. Over time, you can use this site to explore how changing some behaviors changes your footprint, giving you a simple, yet powerful tool to tailor your response to climate change.

Taming Bigfoot Competitions

Cooperating and competing with others helps make reducing your carbon footprint fun! Taming Bigfoot was created from the concept of forming teams that then compete against each other to decrease their collective carbon footprint the most. By engaging local businesses to support the activity, Taming Bigfoot helps to strengthen as well as educate communities. This web site contains information on how to set up a Taming Bigfoot competition in your community as well as provides the interface to allow individuals and teams to see how their carbon-footprint reducing efforts compare to their competition.
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